Son. Cristiano Ronaldo Surprised His Sweet Mother Dolores Aʋeiro With A Stunning New Mercedes- Benz Worth 100,000 Euros, Making Millions Admire It

The 65-year-old posted a picture of herself wearing flowers in her hair, standing next to a fancy Mercedes in a red area.

Dolores took a picture with her new car for Instagram.

To honor the important women in his life, Cristiano shared a photo with his partner Georgina.

On Mother’s Day in countries like Portugal and Spain, she wrote a message saying, “Thanks to my mom and dad for the gifts I got from them today.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

In response to Dolores’ recent health issue, her daughter Katia, who resides in Brazil, expressed, “Mom, you deserve everything.”

“We aim to look after you. Have a great day, my dear.”

After exploring Madeira with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and his eldest son Cristiano Jr., Cristiano posted two pictures on social media to celebrate the “two special women” in his life.

One picture showed Dolores smiling big with her arms around her hips. The other showed him napping while Georgina gave him a sweet kiss on the forehead. With the photos, he wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to my two special women.” It’s expected that the Juventus star will soon go back to Italy to take a break before coming back to training.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano, who is 35 years old, has been in Madeira with his family since March 9. He went back to the island before Serie A football was paused because his mother, Dolores, had a stroke on March 3. After her stroke, he quickly flew back to his hometown to visit her in the hospital.

Less than a week later, he returned with his partner Georgina and their four children. His mother has been updating her followers about her recovery by sharing pictures on social media, showing her relaxing at home after being discharged from a private hospital in Funchal.

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